We are always looking for new female faces, please send an email to modelsearch@maxmodels.co.za should you want to be a model.
 Please include 2 clear photographs of yourself (head and shoulders & full length in swimwear) with your name, age and height.  Please note these do not need to professional or 'portfolio' photographs; they should be recent and you shouldn't be wearing make-up in these.

Once the team has reviewed your submission, we will get back to you regarding an appointment to come into the agency and meet us.  If you are not in the Cape Town area or surrounds, please include the town / city that you are based in, in your email.

Please note that you do NOT need a professional portfolio to apply.  No fee's are charged for joining the agency.  Should we decide to represent and manage you, there will be costs involved in developing your portfolio by professional working photographers,   stylists and make-up artists; this will be explained to you in more detail in your interview.

If you are not a South African model, we prefer to work through the mother agency in you being being placed in our market, so we would like to hear from your mother agency.

We only represent FEMALE models, with full time careers, who are developed into international models working both locally and abroad.
We do not have a men's division, children, actors / characters or hand models.  We have a very small, select "tween" board with a handful of younger girls that are mature and old enough to join the main board.

The following height requirements need to be taken note of:

Women 1.74 - 1.80
For younger potential models, your age will be taken into consideration if you are shorter than the minimum height requirement as you may grow to the required height to be a successful model. 
It goes without saying that your body, hair, skin and teeth need to be good.

We look forward to your submissions; please email these to modelsearch@maxmodels.co.za